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Luck-E Holsteins was established by Dennis & Beth Engel in 1968 after the purchase of their first registered Holstein. Today the herd, with an average size of 160 milk cows, is owned and managed by their sons Matt & Joe Engel. The Luck-E breeding philosophy is to breed truly well balanced cows with width from the muzzle to the pins with a silky well attached udder and high protein. Chest width is the building block of the cow. Cow famiies are very important on the top and bottom of the pedigree. At Luck-E we believe it not how good your best cow is. It is how good your worst cow is. If you avoid making bad ones the good ones, then the great ones will come.

All cows are housed in sand freestalls and milked in a 38 cow tiestall barn with 19 milk machines. As of December 2014, all +2nd lactation cows averaged EX-90 and all 2yr olds Averaged VG-85.  To date Luck-E has bred over 600 Excellent cows including 1 EX-96, 4 EX-95, 47 EX-94, 53 EX-93, & 228 EX-92 or EX-91.

 The "A" family now makes up a majority of the Luck-E herd. Made famous by Luck-E Advent Asia EX-94, her son Awesome-Red and her 34 Excellent daughters including 5 EX-94. Asia's daughter, Luck-E McGucci Afro EX-94, has become the greatest brood cow ever at Luck-E with 20 3yr daughters scoring Excellent and many sons and grandsons in A.I. Several of Afro's daughters and granddaughters have topped the genomic Type list.

Joe Engel
Matt Engel
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